Swan Boats

What a lovely way to spend part of the day...

Pedal across the lagoon in a beautiful swan boat.

Each year, thousands of families enjoy spending time in Fair Park's Swan Boats.  Open during seasonal weather and special events, the Swan Boats can be found at the Leonhardt Lagoon.



Swan Boats are open weekends and during special events unless there is inclement weather or winds greater than 10 miles per hour.



Last year, the Swan Boats operated from 11:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. We have not received notice of any changes for 2016.




Rental Duration

Depending on the length of the line for those waiting to rent, the rental time can run from 20 minutes and up.

Passenger Limitations

Each swan boat is limited to three passengers (one adult/two children; one adult/one child; two adults/one child; two adults) and no more that 600 evenly distributed pounds.



Contact Fair Park Administration at 214-670-8400 for more information

Swan Boats