The Old Mill Inn Restaurant

Did someone say chicken-fried steak?

Charming décor and tantalizing cuisine

The Old Mill Inn was built as a flour mill for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. It was a large exhibit that featured a modern experimental flour mill, three model kitchens and a tea room.

The roof (which features hand-carved beams that German carpenters connected with wooden pegs) and all other woodwork is built of old timbers. The stones are laid after the manner employed by the masons of a century ago. The fireplace in the down stairs dining area remains in its original state as it was in 1936. A working water wheel, and fountains, complement the nostalgic experience.

In later years, the Old Mill became the Bordens Dairy Exhibit during each State Fair of Texas. Youngsters took particular delight in going there to visit "Elsie" the cow, her husband "Elmer" (of glue fame), and their calf son, "Beauregard." 

Today, the structure houses a welcome oasis for those at Fair Park seeking good home cooking at a reasonable price. The menu features county-style cooking like chicken-fried steak, sandwich baskets, fruit cobbler and more.

You'll find The Old Mill Inn Restaurant across from The Magnolia Lounge near the Big Tex Circle.

The Old Mill Inn Restaurant
3611 Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210
Phone: +1.214.426.4600


The Old Mill Inn Restaurant