Centennial Hall

Showcasing the world since 1905

An exhibition space as big as Texas

Today's Centennial Hall is actually the amalgam of different buildings constructed at different times. One stage of the structure, which people called the Exposition Building, dates to 1905. The remainder was developed in 1935 and 1936 in advance of the Texas Centennial Exposition.

The structure's three substantial porticoes and its monumental statues reflect the "Texanic" style architect George Dahl developed for many of the buildings constructed for the exposition.

The Centennial Hall features two large murals by Italian artist Carlo Ciampaglia and three statues, one of which is tucked into each portico. Designed by Jose Martin, the female figures represent Spain, the Confederacy and the Republic of Texas.

Surrounding the statues are numerous exquisite bas-reliefs and wall paintings.

Today, Centennial Hall is a gargantuan exhibition venue, offering 95,000 square feet of space for showcasing products of every shape and size during the State Fair of Texas. The building also hosts special events such as health fairs and cultural celebrations.

You'll find Centennial Hall alongside The Esplanade.

Centennial Hall