Texas Star® Ferris wheel

The largest Ferris wheel in North America!

What has 45 gondolas, goes 1.5 revolutions each minute and is the most popular ride at The State Fair of Texas?


The answer has to be the Texas Star® Ferris wheel, the largest Ferris wheel in North America.


Built in Italy, the wheel debuted in Fair Park in 1985. More than 15 employees staff the Texas Star®, which carries riders some 20 stories high. On a clear day, those on the Texas Star® can see the downtown Fort Worth skyline some 40 miles away.


During the State Fair of Texas, the Texas Star® shines under the wattage of 16,000 incandescent red, white, and blue turbolites. You'll find the Texas Star® Ferris wheel at the far south end of the Midway.




Texas Star® Ferris wheel