Friends of Fair Park

Citizens who care about the park's past, present and future

Friends of Fair Park is a non-profit citizens' group. It is dedicated to keeping Fair Park a destination for affordable family fun all twelve months of the year.

Formed in 1986, the organization's key activities include:

  • promoting the year-round use of Fair Park
  • supporting the Fair Park museums
  • encouraging thoughtful planning for Fair Park's future, and
  • preserving the buildings, art, sculpture, and related artifacts of the 1936 Texas Centennial.

The organization sponsors numerous fund-raising programs, including one that allows citizens to purchase a brick in the Texas Promenade Walkway. Friends of Fair Park also ensures such Fair Park-hosted events such as Fair Park Fourth and the Dog Bowl continue year after year.

You'll find the offices of Friends of Fair Park in the Magnolia Lounge, located at the corner of First and Grand avenues, next to the African-American Museum. is the website for Friends of Fair Park. Join the Friends today!

Friends of Fair Park
1121 First Avenue
Dallas, TX 75210
Phone: +1.214.426.3400

Friends of Fair Park